Scholarship Winners 2017

A law student from the Hunter region and a medicine student from Tamworth have been awarded Freddy Fricke scholarships from the NSW Aboriginal Land Council.

Sapphire Dawson and Russell Thompson will use the scholarships to help pay for university fees, text books and other course-related expenses.

Sapphire, a Yuin woman, is studying law at the University of Newcastle, and hopes other Aboriginal students will be inspired by her academic journey.

Kamilaroi man Russell is studying medicine at the University of New South Wales in Sydney but plans to return home to Tamworth to contribute to his community.

Since 2002, 49 Aboriginal university students have been awarded Freddy Fricke Scholarships, and 2018 applications open later this year.

OurMob will yarn with Sapphire and Russell once they settle back into their studies, so keep an eye out for them in upcoming editions!


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  1. Good to see people on that side of the border are doing well, specially young Aboriginals. I try to keep connected to families over that way I live in SA. My oldest daughter is related to the Bates from across there. I work at the Barmera Primary School at Barmera which is not far away from here, we have a quarter of the Aboriginal children here that make up our school, my title is ACEO Aboriginal Community Education Officier and I have been here for 16 years last year.

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